Assurance Services
We prepare, supervise preparation and audit financial information.  The level of service that we provide is determined by your needs and the requirements of third party readers.  Regardless of the type of report, our report adds credibility to your financial information.  The insight that we obtain during preparation of the financial  information enables us to provide you with valuable information and suggestions regarding the management of your business.
Tax Planning & Preparation
We update our taxation knowledge regularly throughout the year in order to provide you with the most recent information and planning ideas for both income and commodity taxes.  We use this knowledge in filing your tax returns to maximize your benefits.
Goods and Services Tax Consulting We can assist with registration for GST and HST.  We also assist with interpretation of and compliance with this complex commodity tax.
Record Keeping & Reports
Our firm designs accounting systems to fit your business and personal financial affairs.  We also provide payroll services, record keeping assistance, reports and claims to government agencies and other financial reports.
Business Management Services
We can advise you regarding the most effective organizational structure for your business and assist with planning and obtaining financing.  Our firm helps you identify business problems and works with you, your financial institutions and other professionals to help you solve them.  We provide assistance with credit applications, credit policies, cash flow, profit margins and any other management decisions.  We belong to several networks of professional accountants that provide access to a wide range of specialist assistance when needed.
Financial & Succession Planning
We work with you to evaluate and plan the growth of your estate and assist with structuring your affairs to minimize the taxes payable upon succession.  We advise regarding intergenerational transfers, retirement planning, family business transfers and wills.  We also work with you to review your investment ideas and assist you to maximize your after tax return.
Agristability We can assist you with determining whether or not you qualify for this program.  Should we determine that you qualify, we can assist you in taking steps to file the Agristability application forms.
Business Growth We assist you in planning expansion or changes through sales or acquisitions.  We advise on taxation and financial matters related to these changes.  We will help you with computer hardware and software decisions, equipment and property acquisition alternatives, goal setting and budgets and projections.
Computer Selection, Installation, Training and Troubleshooting Our staff is trained in all areas of computer operation including programming and network design and operations. Also, our computer technology partner Custom Data Centre can help.